Enrico Rava fans-what music do you suggest?

I have had Easy Living for awhile and love it for the music and sonics.
What else would people suggest by this great artist that is as good as this, especially with this band lineup.

Hi Lkdog,

It goes without saying that you owe it to yourself to be on the lookout for his earlier works on ECM like the self titled Enrico Rava Quartet and the soon to be released for the first time ever - Quotation Marks ( Universal Japan )his last outting Tati wasn't that bad either yet it's with a trio setting.

Just do yourself a favor and view his inforamtion @ either CDuniverse.com or Amazon.com

And if possible by all means attempt to get these or any of his other CD's which are Produced in Japan as they tend to offer a better sense of warmth and/or more lineal nunances which to my ears at least have a better sound overall then do the domestic counterparts. As someone whom is a avid Jazz Collector since 1968 and have a LP Collection of well over 10.000 or so I've been able to collect many of the rarest ECM / Japo Recordings of old and to this very day still love what they sound like and just how well many of them have been recorded. As most ECM Collectors know all to well - many of these recordings offer a lot more insight into what Musicians are more then capable of if given the proper care of an Engineer whom cares about his craft.

Don't be afraid to venture out to other fine artist on this label such as Kenny Wheeler's Gnu High or John Taylors - Rossilyn as well and the earlier recordings by Ralph Towner- Eberhard Weber - Tomasz Stanko - Jack DeJohnette - Pat Metheny, keeping in mind that the earlier the better.

Here's hoping that you're open-minded enough to seek out more of what I truthfully consider one of the best ever catalogues out there when it comes to Music with a greater sense of Diversity.

To my mind ECM was one of those rare Recording Companies which placed an emphasis on the sound of either space in between the Notes and Beauty along with the texture of said Notes to begin with.

Best wishes and above all enjoy the search,
- Oscar
There's alot out there. Rava's put out at least three great ones since Easy Living. I might be way off in guessing what really hits you, but you could check out his past releases, (it would take long time to hear half of them). You probably would find alot to like by branching out based on the extensive ECM personnel overlap. With any luck, you could hit pay dirt w/ some of these:
Aldo Romano
John Abercrombie
Gianluigi Trovesi
Henry Threadgill
Jack DeJohnette
Tomasz Stanko
Terje Rypdal
Bobo Stenson
Jon Balke
United Brassworkers Front
James Carney
Henri Texier
Scott Tinker
Dave Douglas
Misha Alperin
Franz Koglmann
Ketil Bjornstad
Thanks for the very thoughtful answers guys.
Yes, ECM is a special label. The mastering on Easy Living is breathtaking at times. The spatial cues and the emotion conveyed is very involving.
I really love the piano player, Stefano Bollani.
He is a lyrical artist that seems on par with Rava which is really saying something.
I will do a little homework on Allmusic.
They list several early ECM recordings.
Interesting thread. I saw Enrico Racva play here in Sao Paulo several months ago. He was accompanied by a fantastic young trombonist Gianluca Petrella who has released his own CDs and an awesome drummer by the name of Roberto Gatto together with a pianist and bass player. I will also be checking out some of these recommendations.
Try to find his song "Blanca Snow" from an album that came out somewhere around 1977