Enquiring minds want to know

I recently bought acoustic panels from GIK and want to know how long is the break-in process. I’ve been playing music non-stop for 56 hours, when can I expect a change?

I’ve heard that digital is all ones and zeroes. Is it possible to use two sets of wires – one to send zeroes and the other for ones? Given their shape, I suspect the 1s tend to get stuck where the wire bends. Why can’t we use wires especially designed for 1s? On a side note, can I inject some bleach in my speaker wires to clean up the upper frequencies? Also, do we ‘really’ need a wire to send zeroes?

I’ve heard a phrase that has the words ‘money’ and ‘mouth’ in it. Can anyone help with the complete phrase? Oh, and something totally unrelated ... when will millercarbon pick up the phone and call Dave at Raven to place his order of the Blackhawk?

My neighbor recently bought a new audio system. Last time we talked, he told me his amp was a giant killer, and his jaw dropped when he first heard it. I haven’t seen him for 2 weeks. Given that he is 6’7”, should I inform the police?

Speaking of jaws, is anyone aware of an insurance plan that covers dropped jaws? I’ve been searching for such an experience but want to make sure it’s covered by my insurance.

*These are genuine questions, so please don’t insult my intelligence by asking for measurements.

**Feel free to share your thoughts about things that you’ve always wondered about but are too afraid to ask.

I never ever heard of acoustic panels needing break in. Who told you they needed that?😗
@stereo5 ... If I tell you, I'll be seriously compromising the identity and well being of that person. 
Not Blackhawk.  Reflection.   

If you're gonna eavesdrop get it right.
It's actually all about the humidity in the room. The stuffing inside the panels acts as an enormous sponge.  Once they level off and thereafter you keep the humidity constant, at precisely 53.6%, all will be well.
Seriously? Please say no? 9,000 ;-) hours for a cable to break in, now this? It’s getting thick. Never mind!

Oh boy.  Lighten up here dudes — I think @arafiq is just blowing off some steam.  But I will add that GIK sells those panels for way more than the cost of the parts to build them.  How dare they!!!
Now that we are being told to trust the science, and double up on masks, (now THAT'S thick) at least wear two while auditioning. The double elastic will offer additional jaw support.
Only a panel of experts (or is it a panoply of experts) can break in acoustic panels from GIK. They do this by a pants splitting dance called the break dance. This is not to be confused with break dancing. (That’s a participial) Tin foil on the ceiling will speed up break in to six seconds and remedy every thing else with your beloved stereo, relationships and inconsiderate cat.  
I’ve wondered:  “Wouldn’t it be cheaper to sample an hallucinatory drug to achieve auditory nirvana than to spend $20,000 on apparatus?” 
@twoleftears Thanks, you saved me from making a grave mistake. I was aiming for 53.4% humidity. That would have been a disaster. I'll adjust my humidometer once it breaks in as well.
@ebm I'm sorry but that is an alternative fact. Right now I'm experimenting with putting schumann resonators behind the panels, and I can literally see the panels breaking in. In the past, my son used to step on my audio equipment providing further proof that breakin is not something imaginary.
Boy, I just had to recount some pills (thought I forgot to take them).

As for catching wind of the OP's joke, “You're either on the bus or off the bus.”

If I fail to attain the perfect sound, am I best off hanging myself with zip wire or with a more expensive cable? I'm sure they measure differently, but will there be a noticeable difference?
The difference will be in the given eulogy. Enthusiasts will say you went out in style. Skeptics will say that you couldn't live with yourself after paying so much for NO SQ improvement!
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If I blast Bach's Brandenburg Concertos on my boom box, do I strike a noticeable blow in the culture wars?

Same question re: my car stereo playing Elliott Carter.
@hilde45, first you have to buy Bach's latest album released in March 2020. His collaborations with Lil Wayne are out of this world.
@arafiq Will do. I've read that Bach was referred to as "Lil JS" in his day. Georg Philipp Telemann reportedly said, "No diggity, Lil JS, your Brandenburgs are so phat I was getting jiggy and flossy on the down low with my bitchin' skinz."