Enough to drive the dynaudio s3.4

Hi There,

I was wondering if there are any dynaudio s3.4 owners out there that could offer some advise on driving these speakers. I currently own a CODA Continuum integrated which is rated at 250 watts @ 4ohms and was wondering if that will be enough to really make the dyn's sing? I do not have a very large listening room but want to make sure I have sufficient gear before I purchase the dyn's.

Any advice would be greatly appreciated.



I own the Dyn S3.4's and the Dyn Special25, I've found that both mate very well with the Plinius 9200. It has 175 watts into 8ohms, and 300 watts into a 4ohm load [the Dyns]. This new Contour line is less power hungry and more efficient than the prior Contour line of products. I also believe that the S3.4 could sing just as nicely with less power than I currently use. Other considerations to keep in mind is the size of your listening room, and your typical volume preferences.
250watts at 4ohm is not good enough, probably 200watts plus at 8ohm stage is better.
As Simple said, power is no longer the necessity it once was with the older Contour/Confidece. I have the S5.4 Dynaudios and can drive them beautifully with 50 watts from my Audio Aero Capitole tubed stereo amplifier. I also have on loan a pair of Parasound Halo JC-1, which do not even get very warm when playing loud. The Dynaudios thrive on quality, reproducing what they are fed, so feed them with the best you can afford.
Hi Simple,

Slightly off topic, but I have read your review of the s3.4 compared to the 25's and I recently read your post on audio asylum, where you stated that after further listening you thought the 25's perormed equally as well as the 3.4s. Do you now feel that the differences in these speakers that you spoke about in your review are no longer accurate, or do you still stand by your findings? I am curious as I am having a tough time deciding on which to purchase. I like them both very much. Like the openness of the 25's but love the full bottom end that you get with the 3.4's?


Having gone from driving my S3.4's at 225wpc into 4ohms to driving them at 400wpc into 4 ohms, I can tell you that you will get a big performance jump in bass response, and overall I feel they are a much more dynamic speaker with the more powerful amp. Not that I didn't love the sound before, it's just that you can get a lot more out of them.

I still stand by my observations in my write-up/review. However, the differences which I tried to capture in the write-up are really just the strengths and weakness' that are unique to each model. The intent was not to prove one was better than the other.

The biggest difference has got to be the sonic signature of the tweeter(s). The S25 has the Esotar2 which presents slightly more detail and has a hint of more 'air'. The Esotec tweeter in the S3.4 is more forgiving and will make lesser recordings listenable. The second biggest difference is the deeper range [lower hz] capability of the S3.4's.

I honestly think that either model is a BARGAIN at it's retail asking price, as the price-to-performance ratio is among the best I've encountered with any loudspeaker.

It always comes down to your personal taste. The S25 is a more 'refined' sound, more detail, sheer resolution. The S3.4 is a more relaxed sound, fuller range, more forgiving to listen to. The S25 will be more of a test for your electronics; the S3.4 will more listenable on poorer source material without spending a fortune on electronics.

I own both for a simple reason: I couldn't decide which model to part with. I am keeping both pair and rotate them when the urge strikes.