Enough power in Rogue 120M to drive ML Quests?

Recently purchased a Rogue 99M and am now considerng its power complement (the 120M).Switched from SS to tubes. I have original Martin Logan Quests in a room which is 14'x 32' with cathedral ceiling. The length is deceptive in that the right wall extends from the front wall about 10'and then opens up to a foyer. I really split the room in half by placing the speakers about 5 ft. from the front (short) wall and my listening position is about 9.5 ft. away. Tastes run primarily female vocals, small jazz combos, some country and pop, small classical ensembles. I usually listen at a moderate level. Does anyone have any hands on experience with this or a similar combination? Would appreciate any advice. Thanks.

I think the Rogue 99 and 120 are powerful enough. How did they sound to your speakers?
I am using that combo ( both Magnum versions ) with fairly inefficient Proacs. No problem what so ever. Even though the M120's are rated a 60 watts in triode, they far exceed that rating. The two components are a wonderfull combination.
I couldn't be happier.