Enough Power?

I have a pair of Jaton 803's and considering upgrading my old Bedini 150 (original owner). I've read a lot of great reviews on the Plinius amps and considering a SA50mkIII, just not sure that it's enough power (but love the reviews). Any thoughts?
Plinius has a specific house sound, and you should make sure that you like it before buying one. I made the same mistake with a different brand. I listened to all of the professional and end-user praise about the amp, and ended up hating the sound.
Roxy54 is dead on. Plinius does have a house sound and reviewers do not live in your world. I looked up the Jaton 803 and they don't even list sensitivity but there is a whole lot of speaker going on here in the way of load.

You really should consider monoblocks....and big ones. You seem to be married to SS so maybe the Odyssey monos would do the trick. You need high current and lots of damping factor. Good luck.