Enlightened Audio Ultradisc 2000 cd player?

Does anyone have experience with the Enlightened Audio Ultradisc 2000 cd player?
My friend had one years ago and he replaced it with a BAT cdp. I borrowed it in hopes of replacing my Theta/Sonic Frontiers SFD2, but it wasn't even close. It was a very smooth player, but the leading edges of notes were blunted. I heard the same thing from the Camelot Morganna player, which uses the same stable platter transport. Maybe that's the cuplprit.

I haven't heard either of the players that Oz mentions but I am listening to it right now and I have to tell you it is an extremely terrific CD player. I also have the Electrocompaniet EMC1 and while I'll admit that the EMC1 is more "liquid" and "smooth", there's nothing that the EAD doesn't do really well. It simply puts everything through well!
Thank you, I will explore both those. Seldon, you will feel the Electrocompaniet EMC1 has a more lush sound? a more analog sound?

OZ, so you are using the SF as DAC and Theta as transport, which one may I ask?
I don't have either of those pieces any more, that was back in 1997. I now have a TRL modified Sony DVD player.