Enlightened Audio DSP-9000 PRO Series III

i have DSP-9000 PRO Series III from my old man, no manual
can someone tell me where the speaker output are? 
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You won't find any speaker outputs because your EAD DSP-9000 is a DAC (Digital to Analog Converter), not an amplifier. The DAC is meant to decode the digital signal from a (CD/SACD) transport or some other digital device. The signal output by your DAC is fed to a preamplifier, receiver or directly to an amplifier if it has a volume control, which will then drive a set of speakers. I'm no engineer and I'm sure you will likely get many long-winded, technical responses, but that's it in a nutshell.
understood, thank you for your kind reply
It was a great DAC in it's day, and I believe Noble Sound (former EAD people) can repair and upgrade it.
if you would like to have it i ll send it to you free of charge,
you need to pay the shipping cost after you get it.i have no interest  in them as i use mp3 in my Mac with tousands of song w/o flipping CDs.
theres a CD player which is weighs like an elephantyou can estimate the shipping thru UPS or DHL website; i am from Indonesia.I am a conservationist, i believe to not waste any item which has been made by consuming natural resources such fossil energy thru its production.NO string attached, no tricks.
this is the link of the picture: https://www.sendspace.com/file/t5xws4

pls let me know
Hi, there! I have the same unit you have, but broken power supply. Would you like to sell your DSP 9000III? I will pay very reasonable price. Thanks! Thyssen 404-423-2569
hi Thyssen, no problem, take them all though (with the CD player), i dont have space in my house to store them.
you may figure out the shipping fee by DHL/FedEx/UPS website. (i am in Indonesia)
You reimburse me when you get it.No charge on the hardware..i just checked out your data, you re from USA, which runs on 110V. My set is 220V version
Are you really give away this DAC? I would like to adopt the DAC if still avalaible. I'm living in East Java, indonesia
hi, units have been given away to someone in germany last monday, i am very sorry.thanks for asking anyway.
Lucky guy indeed in Germany 😀