Enleum AMP23-R buyer beware!

My frustration has finally gotten the best of me.  I ordered (put a deposit down) an Enleum AMP23-R back in March based on the word the dealer got from Enleum that the order would be filled in 2 weeks, or the beginning of April.  It's now June 7th and no word from Enleum about shipping any units.  I know my dealer has been in touch with the company and the company is not responding.  They are also not giving any updates as to when units might be shipping.  

This is a bad look for Enleum and frankly has soured any excitement I had for their product.  I would steer clear of Enleum at this point.  I understand that a few units have been released to certain people for review purposes, but that also leaves a bad impression in my mind.  If you promised to release a certain number of units back in March to people who put money down and you can't fill orders now in June, it tarnishes your reputation as a company doing business in the high end market.  It doesn't matter how many rave reviews your product gets if you give the impression that you don't give a crap about your customers.  

The company says Enleum translates to "Enlightenment" which is just marketing mumbo jumbo.  Let's see if owner Soo In Chae will step up to the plate and treat his customers with respect.



Reading comprehension is your friend.

The OP is not blaming them for not delivering but for not communicating. Supply chain issues are unavoidable. Not properly notifying your customers of delays, however, is and should be avoided.

they don't know! duh. if they had a timeframe they would relay to the dealer. also, i'll add that Enleum was months delayed on releasing the 23R as Srajan noted early on.

talk to some small manufacturers and hear what they are going through. 

What prevents Enleum from telling customers that they're sorry for the delay but that it's out of their control or words to that effect?  I don't understand how you can justify the complete lack of communication.

Imagine you’re the owner of a business that’s in the dark concerning supply chain issues with your product and you have hundreds, if not thousands of anxious customers waiting for the solution to all of their audio problems.

How much of your time would you allocate to answer each and every one of them? And then their subsequent and time consuming follow up questions?

The obvious thing is to post the problems on your website, along with some kind of Q&A section that covers most of the queries. That would be going the extra mile but it would still not satisfy lots of those waiting. What’s a manufacturer to do?

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No excuse for not communicating with clients and potential clients.

Most complaints on here are based on poor communication. It’s really not that hard.

If communicating is too difficult to handle, a company can limit throughput to avoid bad press.

And yes, I  led a large organization. A member of the team that could not reliably communicate would lose their job.