Enjoying Vinyl Once Again

Saturday mornings were always a problem.  My better half like to sleep in while I seem to be getting up earlier all the time.  Now I always enjoy music with the morning cup of joe.  Just had to keep the volume so low.  So I hauled out some old gear I have not used in years:

--Project Xpression table with nice carbon arm
--Ortofon Super VM 20e
--Bellari VP129 phono preamp with headphone output
--Sennheiser HD580 headphones

Hooked it all up on a small two shelf audio rack next to a comfy listening spot.  Hauled out some old favorites.  I do not have a large LP collection, but I did save most of the LP's of my youth.  Anyone remember Musical Heritage Society?  Used to get those in the mail! They actually made some very nice recordings.  

So three hours just passed.  Wow.  What wonderful sound from an affordable stand alone system.  Strings are silky smooth, brass with nice bite but glows with warmth, wonderful dynamics (funny how CD's on paper are superior in this regard--but listening, my ears tell me otherwise).  

Thought I would share this as maybe someone else might enjoy some old vinyl in a very affordable way.  The sound quality to price ration is huge on this system. No feedback worries. You can use a dustcover!  

It's inspired me to make a custom compact rack with built in headphone cradle, etc.  

I do have two questions:   1)What is your favorite, thin antistatic mat?  2)What is your favorite affordable LP brush/cleaning accessories?  Liked my old discwasher with the angled fibers--that actually seemed to pick up dust where as many brush designs seem to just "move it around".
Great story, welcome to the forum.  I am not big on mats so will let someone else cover that.  For a brush I use a Hunt E.D.A Mark 6, which is pretty good, but it is a back up to a VPI record cleaning machine.  I recommend you consider washing your records, with or without a machine.  We can guide you to resources if interested.
Levin Design record brush is by far the best i don't know about mats however.Enjoy and stay well!
Here is a link to an excellent article on cleaning records without the need to spend a lot of money for fancy machines. 

Vinyl Record Manual Cleaning Process - PAC-Vinyl-Records_2020-05-19.pdf
Bill, appreciate the link.  I was looking for something a bit more detailed than that however ;)  Actually, it appeals to the OCD in me.

CounterParts mat
Antistatic polymethylmethacrylate

AT-6010 brush
Catches dust then you remove it on the foam.

Brush stylus with stylast before each play.
@fuzztone       I googled the mat and came up empty.  Where is this available?   Thanks.
check out Hudson Hifi on Amazon. They have some nice inexpensive items. I like the acrylic mat they sell and it isn't too thick and really helps with static.
In fact, I did look that over last weekend.  I ordered their grounded anti-static arm mounted brush.  Looking at their mats as well.

lol, I just did the same thing 
pro-Ject Classic, Hana SL, Musical Surroundings Phonomona II+
I’m on first week, early am listening with cup of coffee 

I went out and bought 3 albums for $5.12 

Very soothing on low volume 


@frozentundra   What a hoot Jeff!  Two peas in a pod.  I'm expecting this to become a part of my musical ritual.  I'm picking up new supplies, plan on building a small custom rack.  Tweaking the Bellari looks fun too.  All kinds on new adventures.  Where did you pic up your new LP's?