Enjoying Spotify Premium

I am. Do you?  So much music. Very good sound quality. Iphone 6 to Chord Mojo to Mogami Gold to ARC sp16 preamp to Bel Canto ref1000m amps to Ohm Walsh F5s.

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I have no problem with Spotify. In fact, I think it is the best offering out there-A great catalog and decent sound reproduction.
I also use Tidal, but their cataloging system is abysmal, and I really don't hear much of a difference between Spotify. MQA sounds nice, but isn't a deal breaker. 
This is running Bluesound through my Ayre Codex to my Vandy Treo's.
I am waiting for Quobuz to come to the US so I can ditch Tidal.
In my system the right MQA title in Tidal is nicely improved over regular 16/44 whether Tidal, Spotify or Deezer.

However for same 16/44 recording I honestly cannot tell difference between any of the streaming services.

Now maybe it is just me but I find Tidal to be easiest to use by far, then Deezer and Spotify last. Not sure why but I just do not like the Spotify interface at all.

However as I only listen to rock the claimed Tidal catalog issues do not present themselves to me at all.

All just my opinions.
I'm glad you find Tidal to your liking, but for me, trying to find classical or older recordings is like pulling teeth-healthy ones.
I literally have to enter the exact title of the recording in order to find it.
I often find it on Spotify and see if I can locate it on Tidal.
That is what I have heard for both classical and jazz.
As I listen to neither is likely why I find tidal to work well for me.
Isn't Spotify's best streaming rate still 320kbps? ….compared to Tidal's 1,411kbps, let alone the MQA capability of Tidal. I realize the monthly fee is double for Tidal Hi-Fi but the sound difference is quite apparent to me.  Perhaps Spotify has upgraded since I last checked?  I've been with Tidal-only for about 2 years now.
According to last info I checked only tidal and deezer did 16/44 Red book quality.
Quboz should rival tidal in sq when it launches here

But I think some of the point here is the ease of use and search function where Spotify is supposed to be superior, at least for classical and jazz
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I have both a Spotify Premium and Tidal HiFi subscription.  For serious listening I prefer Tidal, but Spotify seems to do a better job of putting together mixes and playlists based on what I listen to, giving me a chance to discover new music (or old that wasn't aware of).
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The Spotify catalog is the best out there. I used it for quite a while and when I upgraded more than one of my components the S Q suffered. I'll have to give it another go since they've made changes. For me, the Tidal library is  terribly lacking. Hopefully Gobuz won't disappoint. 

I resisted for a while but now I love Spotify - all genres of music new and old, super obscure to what you missed right in front of your face, and its more affordable than tidal.  I still buy the albums i really end up liking and see the artists when I can.  I believe having an Amazon Prime acct gets you Amazon Music, which is a good option people here might not realize they have access to. 
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