Enjoying My New Focal Sopra No2's

Just received my new Focal Sopra No2's (in black lacquer) a few days ago, probably half way thru the break in, these speakers amazed me when I auditioned them, even more amazing in my home.
These have exceptional clarity and detail!
The Sopra's sounded awesome in my "man cave", without the sort of low bass I enjoy in adding sub woofers, but the bass the No2's have I found to be very tight, detailed and not at all "boomy".

Now, once I added the subs, the bass they produce in that room, was very boomy.  It took a lot of fiddling with positioning, settings, bass traps, etc. to get the subs properly integrated and not sounding boomy.  But the Sopra No2's bass (as low as they go) sounded really excellent, again...in my room.
Thanks for the responses. The Focal Sopras have received a lot of great feedback from current owners. Further investigation revealed that they are the European speaker of the year (2015) having won the EISA award. Since there are folks who reported great success driving the Sopras with Naim amplification (I happen to own some Naim amps), these speakers have got me interested. The build quality is superb and form looks classy and elegant. That is one of the reasons I got attracted to these Sopras. Sound-wise I presume they will be fantastic given the pedigree of these classy French speakers. Will need to give them a listen sometime.

Toneranger....I didn't try the Simaudio 600i, so I can't comment on how it would work with the 
I have a relatively small listening room, but a huge space (cu. ft.) to fill due to a cathedral ceiling and loft above my listening area. 
My 700i loafs along driving the Sopras. In a normal room without the volume to pressurize, I'm confident the 600i would be awesome. 
They are both sweet sounding amps. 
I recently heard the Sopra 2 at a New York dealer.  He had them 3 feet from the back wall and away from the side walls.  Were driven by McIntosh equipment.  I loved the soundstage, but the bass was boomy.  I've read the Focal includes a bass plug to tailor the bass response.  Does anyone use it?  I really want to like the Sopra but if i can't get reasonably flat bass response I will look at other speakers.  thanks
The Sopra 2 that I own do not include any plugs. They don’t have any rear ports as the Electra series does. I had the Focal 1028be2 before my Sopra’s. They tended to have a bass boom when placed too close to the wall. I don’t have that issue with my Sopra 2’s.
Give them another audition, with different electronics in a different environment. Macintosh gear tends to be a bit warm and tubby in the bass but I had the opportunity to audition a MAC integrated SS amp with the Sopra’s in a large room and the sound was great at Overture in Delaware. They have great rooms and lots of good electronics to play with. 
Im using a Simaudio 700i with mine and the bass in very fast and tight.
My room is fairly small in dimensions but large in cubic feet due to high cathedral ceilings in my Townhouse.
Sidewall reflections are neglible due to a wide but narrow room with the speakers on the wide wall.
I have them about 3’ from the wall, with very little toe-in in a semi triangle setup. My listening position is about 1.3 x the distance between the speakers with approx. 2’ behind my ears using sound treatment on the wall behind my ears.
I found them fairly easy to setup in my room.
They sound awesome.