Enjoying My New Focal Sopra No2's

Just received my new Focal Sopra No2's (in black lacquer) a few days ago, probably half way thru the break in, these speakers amazed me when I auditioned them, even more amazing in my home.
These have exceptional clarity and detail!
Hey extravaganza,
I noticed that some pre-owned pairs are starting to show up on Audiogon...no pressure!

Have had mine just over a month. They sound great and are opening up. I would estimate I have about 100 hours on them. I kept my old system for comparison and enjoyment in a smaller listening room., Hegel H160 mated with Joseph Audio RMXL 25's Mark 2. a very good sounding system with a wide and deep soundstage.

The Sopra's are already deeper and wider with my Hegel H300, its like seeing Pro Ball when are used to Triple A, more of everything on all levels, the sound is so thick, a detailed wall of sound that keeps expanding with volume! When I turn it up, you are enveloped in the sounds, yet still sounds great at a low volume. So pleased with the speakers. Look forward to more hours and the speakers opening up further.

Fun times to be getting new gear.

Toneranger....just wait a few months, they’ll sound so much better you’ll think they’re different speakers.
The break-in will amaze you with the added detail, smoothness, and way more of the 3D holographic magic. 
Wonderful speakers !!!
Enjoy !!!

Stevizzy.... I am interested in the 700I, which I see you have mated with the Sopra's. A friend has the 600i, sounds great with his speakers, Vienna Acoustics, Baby Grands I think. I am going to try it with my Sopra's sometime soon I hope.

There is a 700i listed here for $6,700 seems like a good price.

Did you by chance try the 600i with the Sopra's?

Does the 700i have a DAC, does it have optical inputs, no phono stage I recall.

My Hegel does sound amazing with the Sopra's but would only consider another Integrated after the speakers hit the 500 Hour mark.

I would appreciate some more details on what you feel are the highlights of the SA 700i, reviews are great, but nice to hear from an owner that has the same speakers as me.


How does the Sopra 2 compare to the Sopra 3 in terms of bass boom since the former is said to exhibit some of that? Also, has anybody compared the Sopra 2 to Harbeth SHL5 Plus? Which is a more involving speaker, not only being detailed, fast and dynamic but having the capability to portray voices and instruments in their truest timbre and tonality. The Harbeth is one of the most natural sounding speakers I have heard by far. Voices and sound of instruments sound just like the real thing through them. Once I switch to other speakers music sounds less like the real thing. I was wondering if the Focal Sopras could match the Harbeth in the areas of timbre and tonality.

I presume the Focals do not sound as warm or lush as the Harbeth with their leaner presentation.