Enjoying My New Focal Sopra No2's

Just received my new Focal Sopra No2's (in black lacquer) a few days ago, probably half way thru the break in, these speakers amazed me when I auditioned them, even more amazing in my home.
These have exceptional clarity and detail!
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Enjoying the holiday weekend, too hot and humid to play outside, halfway threw the Beethoven symphonies, with these Sopra's, they just sound awesome.  I'd say that they really came into their best sound at the six month point, seemed to mellow out some, sound more relaxed.  Definitely not on my list of audio equipment to replace anytime soon.  I really enjoy the system, seems like I'm "done" with equipment purchases for a while.

Mine are approaching the 6 month point and have really opened up compared to their new sound. I'd estimate around 400 hrs. use. 
Every time I listen I'm literally floored with how good they are sounding. 
I'm using a little bit of toe-in, but less than my 1028be. The tweeters cross behind my head but I can't measure how much due to a wall behind my listening seat. Due to not having a rear port, I'm able to push them closer to the wall without the boomy bass that the 1028's had. 
In my "man cave" the Sopra's are about ten feet apart, tweeters focused just in front of the listener, found when I focused them that way, they produced a "singer in the room" sound stage.  They are much more "relaxed" now that they are about nine months old.

had an audio buddy over, saw the McIntosh blue meters and said that "those tube amps really make those tweeters sing with buttery smoothness", intended to be a compliment.  My system is all solid state!

These Sopra's are definitely "keepers".