English Speakers

I currently have a pair of Snell EIII's which I enjoy. Now having said that I traded away a pair of Rogers LS7's and have had some regrets ever since as I really liked the sound of the Rogers speakers.
I would love to find a primo pair of LS7's again but given that is almost impossible what are some recommendations for current English speakers that don't break the bank to purchase (new or used) and would have a sound similar to the Rogers.
The balance of my system is a Sonographe SG-3 table with Grace 707 arm and Micro Benz Silver cartridge, NAD 5425 CD, B&K PRO 10MC preamp and Parasound HCA800 amp.
ATC SCM 20SL or SCM 10-2's are similar to Rogers LS 7.

If yo do a google on Mark Hennessy Rogers ATC you'll find someone who likes 'em both and owns several models of Roger's fine speakers.
Check out Harbeth. I loved my Rogers studio 1A's. The Harbeths are a similar type of sound but far far superior in every way.

Too true, I forget to mention Harbeth as well.
I've owned Rogers, understand your pain. Would highly recommend the Spendor 3/5s as they are very musical, have that smooth midrange, carry a bit more dynamics.
Never heard of any of those as I am still quite wet behind the ears but I own a pair of Tannoy LGM's circa 1987 and they are fantastic. I am thinking about securing some additional Tannoy drivers and build my own cabinets. I will look up the other models mentioned here. Cheers!