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A few weeks ago I was watching a recording of the Later With Joules Holland series, a really great show with older and younger artists, all sorts, it serves to keep me interested, current, all of it, and he had Engelbert Humperdinck on, I was skeptical, but was totally impressed, and am now listening to an EH disc, through a $40,000 set up, and loving each second of it. I know many will think negative thoughts, but some may not and decide to give it a listen. Maybe all it is is bringing back to my youth, and if that’s reality I am taking it, hook line and sinker, or sink line and hooker, as a dear friend from Nashville used to say so very often.

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@rpeluso thats a great reminder: being a teen in Kiev, then Soviet Union, Humperdinck was my only "peephole" into the Western pop. Beatles, Stones, God Forbid PF! were not allowed, but you could buy E.H. LP in any store. I had to buy a few because the grooves got damaged by my crappy TT.
To get into sentimental mood I transfer his CDs onto cassette (same for Bee Gees and Enigma) and play thru a boombox (Philips, The Elephant!). My Wadia into Naim amplification/speakers do not give enough distortions I still remember "must" be present with my childhood tunes :-)

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