Engaging power source needed


I'm probably like many novices who read the Audiogon posts regularly.

I've purchased what I think are solid performers in the mid-fi range gleaning necessary info from the Internet. I'm having a ball.

Gallo 3.1 speakers, Music Hall 7.1 with Eroica H cartridge and a modded Oppo DVD. Pedestrian for sure.
I had a Musical Fidelity A5 integrated amp(ss), 250 wpc into 8 ohms and the system sounded pretty good. It was fairly open and somewhat engaging. I returned the amp because of some superficial damage.

Now I need an integrated. I don't want seperates yet. I don't have the space.

I understand that EL-34's enhance the Gallo's. I do like ss but am willing to make the jump, though admittedly nervous about tubes.

I don't think that I need a lot of power, however, I like orchestral and chamber music. Also, r&b and jazz. I want punch on the low end. Room size is 13w x 16l x 8h. No treatments.

I'm frustrated because my knowledge is limited.

I am now willing to spend between $2-$5k. The phono stage could be stand alone. That's it.

Any comments would go a long way. jj
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Check out PS Audio GCC series. Great reviews
Since you have Gallo's go to the site above and check out the resistor mod on the sub binding posts.

also the Cary SLI80 intergrated tube is a nice unit.Cary works well with many speakers..
In soild state the Naim Nait 5i was always musical..I don't remember the wattage
Look for a used Conrad Johnson CA200 amp for $3600 or so and maybe a Pro-ject Tube Box SE phono-pre for $300.