Energy veritas or M&K 750 ,Which is better help

Any input on which is a better speaker system for music and HT,the M&K 750 11 system or the energy veritas 2.2 bookself + 2.0 center and the 2.0 rears sub have not decided.Have heard them both.M&k sounded great in HT, music a bit concerned.Heard the energy 2.2 music only sounded great.The energy system is more money and placement probably more tricky for my room.But will I be happier with in.Anyone opion will help.Thanks.
Go wit the Veritas'. You state that they would be harder to place, I don't think so. The Veritas surrounds are switchable between monopole, bipole, dipole and corner. And also you can blend the amount of bipole-dipole (two 3-inchers, one each side) in relation to the drivers (one tweet and one mid-woof) on the front panel. Energy calls this the Soundfield Management System. These speakers will work in most any room, and sound wonderful. I have the Veritas 1.8's in front, Veritas center and surrounds and listen to SACD's and I must say, this is the most overwhelmingly smooth and full sounding speaker set-up I've heard, and I go back to mono tube FM systems. Do a google search on the veritas line as one of the rags did a good write up on the surrounds and thought they were the best they had tested.
Thanks Robert.Are you using the 2.0 center.Also are you running a sub.Or do the 1.8 have enough bass.How large is your room.Thanks
Mluthier, I currently have the ac300 center which is supposed to match the veritas line ok; however, there is tonal mismatch and I have been bidding on a 2.0 center a couple times (I'll have one soon). I am running dual Energy S10.2's; but, the 1.8's can do fine on their own except for the most very demanding times, mostly in HT explosions. My room is 11.5'x29.5'x7.5' which is pretty good dimensions. I do have a little bass problem I am currently working on, but other wise it sounds great. Let us know what you decide on your speaker decision. Once again, IMO I think that you would be very happy with a Veritas purchase/system for both critical listening and also HT entertainment. Good Luck.
I agree with Robert56 re. surrounds and placement. I have anything but a rectangular room and purchased the Veritas surrounds for their placement flexibility.

I have (3) 2.2's (right, left, & center), and 4 surrounds. I tried the dedicated center and the 2.2, but preferred the coherence of the 2.2 over the center. Thankfully, my dealer sold me a single 2.2.

Coupling the Veritas with (2) Paradigm PW's and a Lexicon MC1 makes for a good sound in my HT room.

BTW, I believe the Veritas line is being upgraded and as such, Audio Adviser had a great deal on 2.2's etc. Worth a check with AA and other dealers.
I have to say my brother purchased the M&K 750 with the M&K150 sub and it sounds fantastic - clear as a bell with vocals and slammin' in home theater. Never heard the Energy - although I've heard good things.
Best of Luck
I would hear other speakers first - I think there are better for the money - Might want to Try 5 stars recommendations from here: