Energy Veritas 2.1

I've heard these are decent speakers but can't find a lot of info. Can anyone give me a mini review? Do you think a 8/10 pair is worth $250. He will thow in an Energy center but I don't know the model. Appreciate any help. Thanks
Yes they are good. They punch way above their weight. Way above.
I have their center and absolutly love it. I also feel they are under rated. I believe mine is the 2.0ci.
Good luck, John
buy 'em.
Thanks guys. I'll probably buy em tomorrow.
If anyone knows them, I'd still love to hear a desciption of how they sound so I can double check MY ears. It's good to know I can always count on y'all. Thanks - Kevin
Hey's the mids and highs?
Excellent mids - a lovely natural sound that fills the room evenly. They image well and prefer to be kept away from walls or they can sound overly boomy.