Energy speakers

Hey everyone, I'm new here. I'm searching for some new towers, and I was wondering if anyone has experiene with the Energy brand. I understand they're a little more laid-back compared to some of the competition, but I have B&W DM601s, and I keep seeing comparisons between B&W and Energy. What do you guys think?


No idea, too long ago. But generally speaking, a speaker company voices all its models similarly. 

Looks like the Energy brand is having it's "moment."

I had a pair of RC30's year's back. To clarify the comment made about their pedigree:

They were MIC(made in China) boxes-good, price point value boxes-nothing more.

The RC line was MIC. Energy speakers made in the 70's-80's were Canadian.

Like most companies, the only way to offer competitive product is go MIC.

baritone1898- perhaps mentioning your budget and associated gear might be more useful for suggestions.


Consider a pair of Coincident Triumph Extreme monitor speakers.

Super easy to drive, so they don't need to be played loud to be heard, & for a monitor they go pretty low. You get it all without upsetting your neighbors.

Frequency Response: 45 hz - 35 khz (+/- 3 db).
Impedance : Flat 8 ohms
Sensitivity: 94 db @1M - 1Watt

I got into Energy way back when they were producing perhaps their landmark model, the Reference Connoisseur 22 - so good that I haven't been able to bring myself to sell them 30 years later.  I haven't heard anything that sounds better from them, made after that.

My first pair of good speakers were Energy Pro 22s. A very nice speaker for the $$ in my books. One of the best pair of speakers I’ve ever owned were the Energy Veritas 2.8s.

They could really energize a big room and had a nice slightly warm left of neutral presentation.

Stereophile were a fan too, back in the day: