Energy Speaker Systems C-ST Connoisseur Stands

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May 2016 Issue 

Stand up and be counted

Speaker stands can be expensive, but it is important to have high quality stands to extract the best performance from your high-end bookshelf speakers. has a pair of Energy C-ST Connoisseur speaker stands currently on sale for $49 with free shipping. The stands are approximately 24 inches high. The top plate is 6 inches square. The veneered maple base is contoured from front to back and measures 10inches in the front and 12 inches in the rear. 

The build quality of the Energy speaker stands is pretty impressive. The top metal plates are made out of high quality steel and are finished nicely. The middle support column is made out of high quality aluminum that is practically flawless. On the bottom , the maple veneer base is well finished with a few minor imperfections. I had a little trouble installing the spikes into the threaded inserts, and one spike sat at an angle. Other than that i was pleased with the build quality and fit and finish. It is worth noting that there are provisions for routing your speaker cables through the rear of the stand. Two plastic loop guides are included for installing in the back of the column. Also included in the package are two sets of speaker couplers. One set consists of four baby bump-ons and the second set are large circular adhesive pads. 

I would also like to discuss the performance of the Energy stands. Speaker stands can make a dramatic influence on your speakers performance, and quality of speaker stands can vary greatly. Simply put, the better your stands are, the better sound you will get. I believe the Energy stands are a step above your ordinary inexpensive stand. I noticed several improvements to the sound of my Teac speakers:

1. improved sense of stability to the sound
2. Increased airiness 
3. Increased openness
4. Reduction in muddiness

Reference CD's 

Ray Lamontagne , Till The Sun Turns Black, Track # 1, "Be Here Now".
Sting, Brand New Day, Track # 1, "A Thousand Years".

The Ray Lamontagne selection showed off the "airy" and "open" sound to a great extent. I also noted a new found sense of stability, and maybe also a slight reduction in muddiness. I also heard that same airy and open sound with the Sting selection. The bass energy on this track was amazing.  The Teac speakers disappeared and left a cavern of sound.

So, i think the Energy speaker stands are a bit of a bargain for $49 shipped. They offer very good performance, excellent build quality, and very stylish looks as a bonus. Don't miss out, snap a pair before they run out!
Associated Equipment

Onkyo A-SV810 integrated amp
Yamaha CDC-905 cd player
Teac LS-H265
NVA interconnect
wyvern audio speaker cable