energy rc-10 vs swan 2.1????

Which in your opinion is the better sounding speaker and te best bang for the buck? I will be running these with a Marantz sr 6001
The RC-10 is very good, I haven't heard the Swan. If you're patient you'll find the RC-10 on sale.

Another 'best bang for the buck' speaker to consider is the HSU HB1 MK 2. It's a lot of speaker for the dollar. I had RC-10, I'm using the HSU now. Pay the forty bucks for the real wood cabinet - they're beautiful.
I have the Energy RC 10 and have used them with both tube & solid state amps in secondary systems. Very smooth sounding speakers with a decent amount of bass. Also work very well on bookshelves.

Vanns has the Energy RC 10's in rosenut for $300.

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