Energy RC-10 or Monitor Audio RS1 for Virtue 2 am?

Hi fellow A'goners.

I am in the process of getting new speakers for my Virtue Audio 2. Which of the mentioned budget speakers would be a better match for this amp? I can get a pair of either of those for about the same price.
Thanks a lot in advance for your responses

I think you would like the Monitor Audio over the Energy RC-10 with the Virtue 2. I have heard both speakers, as well as the Virtue 2 pushing some Monitor Audio RS-6 floorstanders, and they made an amazing sounding match for a budget price. The RC-10 is not as defined or lively as the RS-1, and the Virtue is slightly relaxed sounding. If you can spring the extra money for the RS-6, you should be even happier with them on The Virtue.
Thanks Bigshutterbug,
I actually owned the RS6 before; an incredibly good speaker for the price. The thing is that I recently moved to a small apartment, so that's why the need for a smaller setup (on a budget). I sold my RS6's (I almost cried)and my NADC372 and now I think I'll be happy with the RS1 and Virtue 2 combo. I can't wait! I am glad to here that the Virtue 2 has a slightly relaxed sound, since the sound of MA can be on the bright side.
Thanks again
I own a Virtue TWO. I have the RS6 speakers whom bigshutterbug was refering. They are as balanced as any system I've ever heard. I use the Oppo BDP-83 for my cd player. And with the right ICs and power cords the system is amazing. Besides the room treatments, a power chord upgrade to the ac-dc converter on the amp was the most substantial upgrade I've made. On ebay they sell an AcousticsResearch AP803 powercord that makes an amazing differance. I hope this helps. zmanastronomy
Zman is right, the stock two conductor cord on the basic power supply for that amp is a bottleneck to the current going to it and should be upgraded to something of higher gauge and quality. I would imagine this would be a smart thing to do if you don't intend to upgrade to the more expensive optional power supply or the battery power supply.
Thanks guys for your inputs/recommendations. So, what would give me better sound quality: a better power cord (like the one you have suggested) or the 30v/130W power supply upgrade that Virtue Audio offers for $150? If there any difference between these updates, how much?
Which speaker cables and interconnects are you guys using with this amp and the RS6?
Thanks a lot in advance!
BTW, I finally bought the RS1. They will be arriving in about a week. I can't wait!

The power cord was a huge upgrade. I couldn't imagine the $150 power supply doing as much as the cord I told you about on ebay. $12 plus shipping and it was VERY substantual. Try the power chord before anything else. Hers a link to them.
Or just go to ebay and type in AR power cords and scroll until you find the 2 prong polorized AP803. Make sure you choose the $12 pair. They have several different prices. The shipping was very fast. Hope this helps. I know some might not thing a power cord can make that much differance but the sonic improvement was more than anything else I've done. Trust me on this one. Hope this helps. zman
I use a RS Audio Illume with Silver Bullet terminals. The speaker cable is just 4 runs of oxigen free 14awg wires. Nothing fancy but they sound great. The upgraded $150 power supply has still got a .99 cent power cord and you would still need to upgrade anyway. Try the AR cord and let me know what you think. It brings out the beast killer in the little Virtue TWO. zman
Thanks a lot Zmanastronomy! I'll try it and let you know. Cheers! Luciano
I just replaced the power cord that came with the Virtue Two with the AR power cord. Let me tell you that it was a great improvement!!! Thanks Zmanastronomy for all the suggestions!! Now I am going back to enjoy my music. The Virtue Two/Monitor Audio combo is just amazing!

It was the most significant improvement I made outside of the room treatments. If you can, treat your primary reflection points with acoustic treatments and the imaging will blow your mind. When that cord breaks in you're going to be amazed. Give it 25-40 hours and it will bloom beond what you can imagin. Pick up a Porter Port from this web sight and when it breaks in you'll be on stage with whatever band is playing. I'm glad you got the AR cord. The differance is night and day. Keep comming back to this thread and as I experament I will let you know what works and what doesn't. Have fun. zman
Check out my listening room. I done all the treatments with the bass traps for $150. I never new how good hi-fi could sound until I done this room.
Hey Zmanastronomy,
Your listening room is just amazing! Thanks for all your recommendations!! I am amazed by the the Virtue Audio/Monitor Audio combo. And the the sounds keeps on getting better and better with the AR power cord. Thanks a again.
Luciano33, When you get used to the new cord let me know and I'll guide you through where to buy and how to set up a battery power for you amp. The changes you got with the AR cord pale in comparison to batteries. Let me know something. Zman