Energy ESM-2 Anyone else remember them?

I still am using these old school speakers. Bought them in 1987? demo.

I had a pair of ESM-4's WAAAAAAY back (musta been 15 years ago). They were great with a little nad integrated 3225pe (or was it 3025pe?) and Nad 5325 CD player.

Actually, I kinda wish I had never sold them b/c I suspect I would still like them now...

I had a pair of ESM-2s or 3s (can't remember which) as my part of my first stereo system (Yamaha receiver, Nakamichi deck, Dual TT) 20+yrs ago when I was in junior high. Brings back all kinds of memories (including ones of the year of weekends lawn-mowing which paid for it). Think my sister may still have them...

Anyone know what became of the company?
Energy still makes speakers, although they have taken the route of Polk Audio in the mass market thing.

Way back when, they were much more esoteric.
I'm listening to a pair of ESM-2 speakers right now as I type this e-mail from my living room. I bought them new way back when (I really don't remember the year). I recently added a pair of small Klipsch speakers; together, they produce amazing sound quality.
Does anyone now the technical specs of the woofers in the ESM-2 speakers. I need to change them and there are no specs on the woofers nore are there any inside the box. I'd need the OHM's, WATTS, ...

Thank you very much.

ps.: I bought these in the mid 80's. They still sounded great ! Even with the cracked woofers ! I shopped around for some new stuff and was not impressed with anything I found under 1000$ canadian (about 700$). So, finally, decided on fixing my old ESM's ...
I used to own quite a few ESM and energy speakers back in the day ,my bro still uses a ESM 2 but the woofers where wrinkled in the sun at a party 12 years ago the things still work, go figure:)
I had a pair. The best speakers I had owned up to that time 1989 I think. I really enjoyed them for about 3 or 4 years. I still have the receipt. Paid $309/pr at the Happy Medium in Madison Wi.
I have a pair of ESM-2... I bought them back in 1986 I believe...

I have a blow woofer on one of them and I just been told by a repair shop that parts are not available anymore from Energy...

Is any of you know the spec of those woofer... I going to start shopping...

I needed new foam surrounds for the woofers in my ESM-2s and just bought a pair on U.S. ebay, cheap.

In case anyone else has the same problem, just search for "8" Speaker Repair". I bought the only cheap set, $12.00US shipped, but the seller seems to list them all the time.

Great speakers!
Foam surrounds from ebay were easy to install. Not an exact fit, but close enough. I didn't realize how bad the sound had been, until I replaced the surrounds. They sound great now.

For those of you interested in entire woofer replacements, I contaced Energy Parts U.S. and received the following info:

"Original drivers are no longer available. Replacements we can offer are p/n 4DR//51745 which is the 8" woofer used in the ESM2MKII. Your cost is $50.23 each plus $10.00 s&h. Contact Kim (716 896-9801) for purchase options.
Dan Wergen
USA National Service Mgr.
Ph.# 716 896-9801"
I still use the ESM-2... sweet stereo imaging...
I have a pair of ESM-2's - looking to sell them due to space and recently replaced them with some Rogers LS2's (about 1/3rd their size - the Energy's sound really good and have held up well. The Rogers sound a lot like them or vise versa - mids on the Rogers are a tad bit more refined, but the low end on the Energy is certainly better due to their size. I was always happy with them.