Energy, Environment & High End Audio

How to get a great sounding amp without using a ton of energy? It seems I keep running into high energy guzzling amps when I pursue the sound I want. I'm currently running ProAc 2.5's with a Pass Aleph 3. Sounds pretty good, but actually a little bit forward (perhaps the speakers need more breaking in). Anyhow, I'm wanting to go for a slightly less harsh, more fluid sound, and am thinking of getting a tube amp to go with my Rogue 66 preamp. I'm thinking BAT, AR, Cary - around the $2K used level. My problem is that some of these amps run on near 1 kW - about the same a an electric hair dryer or space heater. I'm having problems justifying the power use, except in the winter when we need to heat the house (I live in Arizona). Questions:

1) Can anyone recommend good tube amps with the setup I describe above?

2) Overall, how do you deal with the power use question? Is there a point at which it becomes irresponsible to use so much juice for this passion?

Thanks. Peter S
I listened to Rogue 120 Magnum, Cary V12, VTL model?, Musical Fidelity model? The rogue was an easy pick from this line up. However, I ended up with a AirTight ATM-2 -- on a 8-ohm 89-db speakers, similar to your ProAc if I'm not mistaken -- very nice!
I have a 300 wpc solid state amp that drops to about 130 wpc in standby, and I don't feel at all guilty about using the power I do for listening to music. My wife and I do not own gas guzzling vehicles such as SUVs or RVs, and for that matter we don't indulge in other high energy use hobbies either.

But to avoid having to "flog" yourself, there are some 5 to 10 wpc SET amps that you could use-- of course you would need more sensitive speakers, but that should be a small price to pay for peace of mind. Cheers. Craig
Here's a thread that you might find interesting concerning the Berning ZH-270 tube amp. 70 powerful watts per side and uses 100w at idle, 300 at full power. Extremely versatile, reliable and great sounding. Unfortunately they're hard to find, and will cost in the high 2k used. Worth considering though. I'm using mine with Aerial 7B speakers, which are 6 ohm/86db. The Berning drives them with ease.
I second the Berning ZH-270.
My Proac 2.5s just sing with it.
It has the best of all worlds: bass response of SS, liqidity of tubes, low power, light weight - 10 lbs!!
Tough to find.....
At your price range, I "third" the 70W Berning. At higher prices, you could consider KR Antares (tube) and Symphonic Line RG7 (ss) for lots of energy!
Why dont you try a class-D switching amplifier, like those from Linn or Spectron? Thye burn very little power unless the signal is large.