Energy 22 Reference Connoisseur

what does the old Energy 22 Reference Connoisseur compare to today ?
If the ferro fluids not dried up in tweeters they sound pretty good.
They are completly rebuit tweeters, crossovers, and binding post in a piano black for $2000 .What would they be like, I am thinking in some what like totem speakers
You can do better for 2k. For me only worth about $400 for ref 22 about 600 for connoisseur in working condition if modified then its not a ref 22 anymore. They have very good bass response image well I have pair ref 22 I used in my bedroom system. I replaced them with Altecs model 19 with fostex t900a tweeters.
I think you are right , I was looking at a pair of mani 2 sig but was not sure if my bryston would handle them it's the 4b sst2 .