Ended my Qobuz subscription

My music tastes largely revolve around jazz recordings and I find a deep lacuna in Qobuz's jazz offerings, as well as with some other music genres.  I just cancelled my Qobuz subscription and am back with Tidal Hifi which has a much deeper jazz catalogue than that from Qoubuz. 
You can find plenty of folk/Americana on Tidal.  I think that you can get a 30 day free trial to find out if they have what you want.
I don’t remember all the many examples of an album I searched in both Qobuz and Tidal. I read a lot of jazz magazines including Jazz Times, DownBeat, Jazziz and search for artists as I discover them in writing. Tidal, as pointed out before has more. I saw no reason to keep Qobuz. 
I don’t do play lists except my own. I ignore the hype and suggestions. 
I agree with kacommes about the weak search in Tidal. Any misspelling and you don’t find it. It is definitely not comparable to a simple google, bing, or Duck Duck search that will offer variations. Also if you search an artist by name they may not show the albums with other variations, eg  “trio”, or live, or with xxx.
@facten, I am sorry for the confusion.  Yes, the above link takes you to a Qobuz login page since a Qobuz Subscription is required to see the Qobuz playlists.   
I really want to be able to stick with Qobuz. It does sound better on CD quality files than Tidal. And I love the Hi-Res. But there are just too many gaps in the catalog. For now I have cancelled it again (for the 3rd time...) and am sticking with Tidal. Just can't justify paying for both.

Would love to hear from anyone who has info on whether Qobuz is moving in any sort of aggressive way to develop their catalog.
I am on the trial now and it does sound great! I didnt really notice the gaps in the catalog till I started searching for artists that I thought for sure would be there and they are not. 
They do have some obscure bands I cannot find on Tidal or Spotify though.