Ended my Qobuz subscription

My music tastes largely revolve around jazz recordings and I find a deep lacuna in Qobuz's jazz offerings, as well as with some other music genres.  I just cancelled my Qobuz subscription and am back with Tidal Hifi which has a much deeper jazz catalogue than that from Qoubuz. 
"Show off...."
I asked.

This is the only time I could actually brag. For all audio topics I am trailing way behind most.
My Tidal account is part of a family package so I'm only out $5.00 per month. The larger Jazz selection of Tidal vs Qobuz is important to me and I fill in the gaps of Tidal with the free Spotify service but the majority of my listening is from my own eclectic music files collection (mostly 44.1/16 ripped from my CDs but also with some purchased HiRes files). The files are on my Aurender music server/streamer which can integrate album titles I select from Tidal into my collection database with my own titles.

I try to learn a new word every day - I must say so far it’s going immensely.

New subscriber to Tidal, enjoying it a lot.

I did the same a few months ago.  Qobuz has a much poorer jazz selection than Tidal.
There are plenty of sited that send you a new word of the day, all of them I enjoy.   Tidal is very good.