Endeavor Audio E3 owners

I'm interested in your thoughts on this speakers. I auditioned them today, and I frankly loved the way they sounded. I'm just now in a dilemma between these and the Legacy Audio Signature SE speakers that I also loved.  If there are people who auditioned both, I'd be interested in your thoughts.  Or owners of either, I'd be interested in your thoughts as well.  They are around the same price and both sound amazing.

What to do?
I heard them at Axpona last year with Audio Alchemy and they were really good. I never hear much about them though. 

I have the E-2 Mk2 for about 2 years now, and I still enjoy them as much as day 1.  They sound absolutely amazing.  Musical and engaging.  I've used Hegel, Vincent, and Plinius amps on them, and they just sound great with any of them.  Highly recommended.
I listened to the E-3 on many occasions and I think the sound quality is definitely above their price point. I won't hesitate to buy a pair, especially if you can find them on the used market. I only heard the Legacy a few times at the audio shows. Not as impressive as the E-3. But that's just my opinion...
jjue you are entitled to your opinion, the market speaks a different story, Legacy is a beloved brand where very few people sell off their speakers and ones that do usually end up with Legacy again.

Tale of the tape Legacy uses far superior drivers Heil AMT midrange and tweeters, vs a low end Peerless.

Now to be fair I haven't heard the Endevors so I can't judge them by sound quality but thinking that you know how anything sounds based on a show is ridiculous or thinking that one brand is better then another based on a show is also fallacious reasoning because:

Many show setups can be poor, based on the room size too big or too small or the equipment pairings, which are sometimes dictated by economic reasons other than what sounds the best.

All I can say is that the OP bought a pair of Legacy Signatures from us and heard both speakers so you can and should draw your own conclusions or better yet hear both speakers and judge it for yourself.

I’ve heard both extensively while choosing. Both great, but for me Legacies were better and essentially more for the money. I was looking for sound cues and in Fleetwood Mac’s "Dreams", during the chorus, the male vocals seemed to come from below on the Endeavors whereas with the Legacies they were placed on a stage behind the speakers. It may just be a position issue obviously but Signatures go down deeper and have a much better mid/hi unit as well. Side by side would have told me exactly what the differences were, but as it is, they are both fantastic.
I have owned the E-3 (MKI) for over two years. They replaced Proac Response 2.5. Although far superior in bass and soundstage, I miss the seductive midrange that Proac speakers have. Whether this is a coloration or not I wouldn't mind finding a speaker that had the best parts of both.
If you liked the midrange of Response 2.5, you should listen to a pair of the D48R. I had listened to the E-3 at Axpona 2015. They sounded good. But the ProAc D30R was something special. Like you said, it was the midrange that got me and I looked deeper into the ProAc line, to end up with one.


I did and was very disappointed. The bass was muddy and restricted. Listened to Vandersteen Quatro Wood CT speakers and the bass was much tighter. Ended up doing nothing as the market for used Endeavor speakers is nonexistent. Thanks for the comment.