End of the World system

So here's a question.   You and your loved ones are the last one's on earth. Your fully stocked with a cabin in the woods, renewable energy, and food for a life time.  The roads are out, and there's no place to get gas.

The remains of a high-end store are 20 miles away. What do you bring home, assuming you have to actually carry it back?
Music is so important. I would obviously start building a road/path to the stereo shop.
Just move into the store and make it home stupid. Then, after depleting the goods, move to the next one. 
A nice boom box and a case of beer, well maybe two cases of beer
Another key detail is it is the REMAINS of a high end audio store.
This leads one to assume it is not habitable and the equipment is in danger of being ruined by the elements, so you have to prioritize what you are taking before it's useless.

I'd get some of those magic sticks and stones for sure.