End of the World system

So here's a question.   You and your loved ones are the last one's on earth. Your fully stocked with a cabin in the woods, renewable energy, and food for a life time.  The roads are out, and there's no place to get gas.

The remains of a high-end store are 20 miles away. What do you bring home, assuming you have to actually carry it back?
+1 corelli, if there's anything recent consumer habits have prooven, it's that you can never have enough toilet paper in an end of World scenario!

bluorion, unless you have a chronic disease there's no reason to believe you won't outlive the duration your father lived. We all make those same decisions, how much to invest in the future needs, and how much to invest in the present. I hope you have a system that you enjoy, now, right now.

My log cabin is fully ready, photovoltaic system with battery supplies are charged ready to power my system. This is my fantasy response, so it's a damned good thing the neighbours horse will carry myself and the cache of hifi and projector gear back to my cabin. Where my wife will still nag me to take walks with her, probably work on her car despite lack of fuel and shovel the horse manure as well. I'd get myself a valve amplifier, and dammit I'd learn to tube roll (spare no expense, well.. horse rides) but I'll still be playing all the Wav and Flac files off my music server.

eric_squires, there's a place to get all the latest 4K movies near the high-end store right? Otherwise, your scenarios are lacking a bit... Hahaha
I'd have my shack on or near a beach not a lake, after all I grew up on an island. A bloody big one! And maybe I'll need just a little less nagging for those walk I'll be having, no doubt.

Stay healthy and safe everyone.
Blurnoin, I too had the same concerns when I was your age, But that was 34 years ago. LOL
Ok, so playing by your rules—I would haul back every high end cartridge I have always wanted. Koetsus. Light, easy to carry, and I assume Peter at Soundsmith wouldn’t be around to retip.

Then, if I needed more exercise or found a nice Radio Flyer wagon , I’d bring back some Shindo gear. 
Once I got my Mercedes diesel jeep converted to run on biodiesel and ready for off-roading it, a pair of KEF Blade Two’s. In the blue, because WAF in the woods probably wouldn’t be a thing. 
And the really nice SME deck.

Thanks for the fun. 

(...J salutes Erik as he swan dives into the Deep End....and yells down...)

"I've heard that it's the impact with Reality is Really Annoying....."

OK....gather up the laptop, get out of the woods so I can see the trees....
Find a Tesla and all the solar panels I can drag....
Move here:


(If I'm 'IT', dammit, I want something Better than a F'n shack....)

Set up panels....scavenge any damn thing I want....(Y'all are history, Right?)...

Go slowly absolutely insane in style....Name all the bugs and lizards....before I eat them.....

Carve the limestone wall with my greetings to the aliens....
"Sorry you missed the party."

(Y'all really need to get out a bit.....)
The correct answer is:

-Move your food, renewable energy source and preferred family members to the HiFi store.

-Send one of the expendables on a mission to find a great vinyl store.

-Send another expendable off to ravage RedBox vending machines.

What have I left out?