End of Snell Acoustics?


While I have since moved on, owned and enjoyed Snell speakers over the years, including the type Qs, type Ds, and 500THX series speakers.
Michaeljbrown, I had Type Bs back in the day, after earlier having had Type EIIIs. The Bs have unrestrained macrodynamic ease and go deeeeeep in the bass, but I found them to be difficult to set up in such a manner that they did not overload the room in the bottom octaves (and I had them in two distinctly different rooms). If Atmasphere has a line on a pair for $1,200 it's a no-brainer, though, you should definitely try them! A great rock 'n roll speaker.
Thanks Triode--I wonder how they would compare to my thiel 2.3's which I would be replacing.
It is sad to hear that these great speakers will no longer be produced. But I am happy to hear someone comment on the ci which I have owned since 87. Ait, I have found the ci's to perform as exactly as you feel and more. Over the years of making improvements in components, cables and room interaction these speakers continue to reveal themselves to me. IMO this speaker is grossly underated.
Had a pair of Type D's some years back and having also gone through Spendors and Living Voice and KEFs and JBLs, the Snells really held their own. I thought the quality of the Snells was amazing too. They were indestructible.