End of side tonearm lift

Hi, A vinyl specialist is developing two designs of tonearm lift. When the stylus reaches the run out grooves the tonearm is automatically lifted up saving stylus wear. It could also save the stylus being ripped off the cantilever by the label. Several types were made years ago but they have all been discontinued. I find it a nuisance when the phone rings just before the end of the record. It always causes me tension when I hear the stylus grinding away but am involved in a long conversation. Sometimes I leave the room briefly and have to remember to lift the arm. You canget them at highend@telkomsa.net.
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Supposedly the run off track is a continous benign groove that does not run into the label. I started a similar thread a while ago and was deluged with don't worry about it responses.
None of them worked all that well or they would still be around. The first I remember was on the Empire turntables; it was a magnet which would lift the arm. Unfortunately , it did not always wait until the stylus was out of the grooves. I always disabled mine.
During the past couple years I've suffered three incidents (with three different records) of the lead out groove "leading" my cartridge onto the label. Fortunately I was in the listening room each time and managed to get the arm lifted before any damage was done.

Each time I was reminded of the Phillips G212 TT I owned in the late 70's/early 80's that sported a useful feature: at the end of each record, once the arm had traveled most of the way thru the deadwax area, the platter would cease to rotate. You still had to lift the arm manually, but you didn't need to do it immediately and you certainly didn't have to worry about lead out groove failure that could result in trashing the stylus/cartirdge.