End-Game RCM thoughts/advice

I've been reading lots of posts about various methods of cleaning LPs, and there seems to be important pros and cons for pretty much every method and/or machine I've looked at.  That said:

I have an old VPI 16.5 that works well, and a recently acquired Vinyl Stack and a Chinese 6L US tank (done about 10 LPs in it so far, one at a time.  I think that an US cleaning, followed by rinse/vacuum on the 16.5 sounds better than just using the VPI.... I have not compared fluids/chemistries yet.  I use the Mo-Fi and AIVS fluids for the VPI, and Distilled water, IPA and a tiny bit of Liquinox in the US.....

I am not interested in doing 4 step processes, spending 20-30 minutes per side, etc.  I want great sound, but also want to spend my time listening to LPs, not cleaning them. Not judging, just know myself,.  In any case, I will probably keep the machines I have now (16.5 can be used for multi-step cleaning, if necessary, and Vinyl Stack for cleaning 3 LPs at a time, if I so chose).  (I also have a Spin-Clean and one of the Merrill, spray LP in the sink devices).

I am shopping for a daily driver, that cleans both sides at the same time, and does a great job (if not the absolute best job possible). If vacuum-based, I want someting more 'automated' than the 16.5,without giving up performance, for an US, something quieter than the Chinese US, that also dries, even if only 1 LP at a time)..I have narrowed it down to the Clearaudio Double Matrix (non sonic version), The Degritter, and the 2019 version of the Audiodesk Pro. (please ignore the price in your comments- it is the performance, convenience and logistics I am concerned with.

I am not interested in a Loricraft/Monks style machine, nor a single-side latewral move from the 16.5-it works well.,  A single-side automatic like the Nessie Vinykmaster might be in the running since I am told it is much quieter than the 16.5

Please comment and save my sanity (what's left of it anyway... working from home and have too much time on my hands....  Everyone stay well, happy and healthy/safe!

You need the clearaudio double matrix sonic! It cleans both sides and the brushes vibrate sonically as it scrubs the record. It’s also fully automated and does a complete bi directional cycle in scrub, rinse and vacuum. I use this machine as a rinse and for drying after an ultrasonic bath and it works wonders. It also has a grounded carbon fiber brush that destats the LP after vacuum dry so records come out static free unlike the VPI typhoon I used to have.

Apparently some claim that it’s performance rivals many stand alone ultrasonic cleaners. Check it out.
Having owned a VPI for quite a long time I moved to a DIY ultrasonic machine, the tried my friends Kirmuss. After it was all said and done I bit the bullet and got the Degritter. No looking back.
Second Clearaudio Double Matrix. It’s a time saver and gets the job done. Can pull out flea market funds wash, and put a new MOFI record sleeve in a few minutes. 
Please make sure you get the one with “SONIC”. That will be the one where the brushes vibrate and scrubs the LP.