Encore Ovation 4 - Digital Processor


I was wonfering if anyone could help me better understand what I own. Back in 2008 I purchased a "High Definition Digital Processor" used from a local Hi-Fi Shop. I must admit that I have no issues with the piece and its built like a tank, but for the life of me I can't seem to find any meaningful data on the unit or value (then and/or now). It has two digital inputs (COAX & AES/EBU), a set of Analog outputs, a Phase switch. Also on the back is a light tree that calls out the sample rate of the incoming signal.

The front panel has the following verbiage: Encore, Ovation 4 and High Definition Digital Processor. Also on the front is a set of indicator lights in the shape of a 2D pyramid; the lights are labeled as such: Input, Phase Normal, Phase Invert, Data Error, and HDCD.

Some of the verbiage that is located on the back is:1996 Encore Electronics, INC., Made in the USA.

This is my first thread on AudiogoN, I'm hoping that it yields some tasty nuggets of information. If you think you may know something and need a picture to spark thoughts let me know...

Thanks in advance for the assistance... Cheers