Encoding WAV16Bit 44100Hz to 24 or 32bit 48000Hz?

Hi i`m curious about this encoding type!I`m a aware that up-sampling digital audio can almost re-produce analogue accuracy, now this encode what effect will it have on the audio quality? and is it possible that this up-sampled audio can be burned to disc and retain it`s up-sampled sound on a standard Hi-Fi or does the sound system still require a up-sampling digital to analogue converter?

Ok now i want to know why Nero 7 reloaded would have such a up-sampled encoding type when a high end CD-player with up-sampling DAC will still be required?

Help will be appreciated and a comprehensive explanation would be highly welcomed...
I had a friend experiment with 32 bit; he gave me a disc to try. I could not of course play it on my universal player, but I was able to stream it from my Mac via fire interface. The sound quality was not any better than my handful of dvd audio and sacd discs that he extracted files from. (He is quite the hacker!)

In point of fact, it actually sounded worse in some respects. (Probably due to the limitation of my firewire interface - it is used for pro-audio recording.) And of course, it occupied a great deal of precious hdd space. That was before he got a blu-ray disc drive, which he will soon be experimenting with more 24 bit and 32 bit.

I am not by any means an expert on the subject, but my experience so far has been to concentrate your efforts elsewhere.

I cannot really see the advantage over 192khz/24bit or even 96khz/24bit. To my ears, it is overkill and IMHO, time and resources is better spent not so much on upsampling to that degree, but instead, on improving your rig and/or dac; especially in the realm of master reference clock and other technologies under development.

Clocks have a substantial effect on sound quality, namely the analog accuracy you're after. Which is why there is almost frenzied R&D on resolving that particular aspect that affects jitter in digital audio. I have heard the Genesis Digital Lens is one such device that has been around for some time and actually solves some of those aspects.