Enclosed chassis tube amp kits?


I'm interested in the possibility of building a tube amp, but I also have an infant, which doesn't really mix well with exposed tubes. I've looked at the usual suspects (Bottlehead, Transcendent, Mapletree, etc.) and the only kit I've seen that comes in an enclosed chassis is the Audio Note PP kit. If there are others out there, it would be great to know about them.

You could get rid of the infant ya' know.? Actually, my 2 boys, who at the time were toddlers, hardly touched my gear. It was a miracle actually. But I allowed them to inspect while present to channel their goofy curiosity into carefull inspection. A few times here n' there, and they never cared to investigate again. Lol...it still cracks me up. I would look into the kits you mentioned and place them higher up. Then, you'll only have to worry that when they get much older, that kit may dissapear into their room.