Enclosed cabinet? How good are the fans ?

I like the look of having an enclosed cabinet for my av gear. I do not need a tv stand,my Sony xbr1 already has one. Just looking for something to place my Arcam AVR 600,PS Audio powerplay 8000, Sony PS3 and Xbox 360 in. How good are the fans in an enclosed cabinet? Right now my Arcam is under my television and it does get hot after awhile. Don't want to kill it because of heat. What would you recommend? I am also open to having an open stand. Just need to make sure all of my gear stays cool. Thanks for the help. John
How loud are the fans? Would you be able to hear them from your listening position? That would be a major factor in my decision.
Not sure what you are asking.... I run vintage tube amps with NOS Mullard tubes (i.e. $120 per tube x8) in an enclosed cabinet (some of the time) with auxiliary fans that kick in around 90 degrees without any problem.... The fans on my son's Xbox and PS3 work fine but are just too loud for my taste. Texas in the summer w/o ac might be a problem.... so what's you're concern?

If the cabinet is vented and the room temp is ok, you should be fine...
If it were me, I would just take the back off the cabinet, (or cut large holes in be back), which would provide the necessary ventilation. I know that the XBOX 360 runs hot, and I would guess that the PS3 does too, (not even taking into account the amplifier). And you could buy one of the external fan units for the XBOX, (I use one), which provides additional cooling, (which would benefit the rest of the equipment, as it pushes the air around even more).

My two cents worth.%`’‘òAGood Luck!
I should have wrote how good are the fans as far as keeping everything cool? Which cabinet did you buy? Did you have one made? I like the idea of an enclosed cabinet for being able to hide everything,like cables and power chords. Always had open racks and just hated the look after everything was all hooked up. Thanks again for the help.