Enacom speaker filters

Does anyone know offhand if Enacom speaker filters are as good as they're said to be? And if I'm running a bi-wireable pair of speakers with jumpers between the LF an HF posts, can the Enacoms be attached to the unused posts with the same result as attaching them to the ones with the speaker cables? Thanks very much.
I have used the Enacom. The Walkers sound better to me but are more expensive. If you are inclined, there are DIY filters with construction details over at AA. Jumpers should not be a problem but you may want to experiment concerning which set of binding posts to use or use sets on each set of binding posts.
Hi Dotsystem--thanks very much for your help, really appreciate it!
I think they would damage the sound of any loudspeaker I designed or have experience with. Placing a random filter in front of your loudspeaker networks or transducer if full range is going to improve sound in what way? If the loudspeakers crossover needed some correction of impedance or notch filtering sure designer would of built this in. You are also adding more breaks in signal path thus degrading sound quality. These type of tweaks offer no benefit.
I love them on my Talon Korus speakers; they made an immediate and easily noted difference. Much increased smoothness and liquidity. I highly recommed them.
JOHNK - Have you tried them?
Has anyone used the Harmonix Enacom CSS-1 Tuning CD along with their Enacom speaker filters and noticed any kind of difference sound wise in their systems?

This is what I read from the manufacturer's website but it seems a little far fetched for me to believe.

"The Enacom Tuning CD, the first of its kind in the world, is an unprecedented new advance in sound designed to work in concert with the Speaker Enacom. Place this tuning CD in your current CD player, turn up the volume and push play. Tuning takes ten minutes. The Enacom Tuning CD sends a signal through your system which automatically re-tunes it. It doesnÂ’t matter what kind of speakers, or what grade of system you have; the Enacom Tuning CD will bring a whole new level of expansiveness and clarity to your music."

Thanks in advance.