I am a happy JSD6 user and like to know if anybody heard their new one.

Cheers, Tom
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I've not, but I understand the P stands for Platinum.  I heard the JSD-6-G, and it sounded more neutral than my TSD-15. I took that listen with a grain of salt, because it was on a different turntable. I'm running my Tsd-15 on an Amadeus GTA, with very fine results.  
Hi, the P 6.0 has a saphire cantilever and a special polished diamond.
I have the Platinum on the way, so I'll let you know how it sounds in a week or so.
Once again, do you know/have the JSD?
I only have about 20 albums worth of listening and since I added a new table, arm, tubes and a bunch of other stuff at once, it's somewhat difficult to say what is the new cart versus the other stuff.

I'm coming from a Koetsu Blue Lace (that I'm keeping) on another headshell. What I can tell you is that the moment I swapped the Koetsu for the EMT, the thing that stuck out immediately was the increased clarity of the EMT.

I always felt that the Koetsu got me amazing tone and brought me incredibly close to being "in the room" if you will. But there always seemed to be just the slightest hint of film keeping me from getting totally inside.

The EMT got me all the way inside. It didn't immediately have the same magical tone & bite that the Koetsu had, but that seems to be opening up.

I'll try to remember to update as things settle in and I can start comparing the sound of the carts more accurately.
bgupton- Thanks for the update. I've had a few Koetsu's, and always enjoyed them. I now use a TSD-15, as I mentioned above. I'm running it in to a T2 SUT. I like Koetsu's very much, but didn't feel I had an ideally matched arm. The best results I got was my RSP on a Graham 2.2, run through an Aesthetix IO.  At the point I went with a Shindo preamp, I felt the Koetsu was simply not the best match. I believe there was simply lack of synergy, not only with my Vector tonearm, but also the Shindo. The TSD-15/T2 combo works wonderfully with the Shindo, as one might expect. May I ask what phono stage you are using, and if you run an SUT?  Best of luck with your new JSD6-P Cheers -Don
I also have a T2 Homage running into a Shindo Vosne-Romanee. My prior arm was a Graham Phantom Supreme II on a Brinkmann Oasis. 

It it sounded pretty phenomenal.