EMT JSD 5 or JSD 6?

I've read great reviews and am considering the EMT JSD 5 and JSD 6 to replace a Lyra Kleos that I bought on Audiogon that arrived with a mechanical problem. Does anyone have either the JSD 5 or 6 or has anyone heard both and can tell me what sonic differences they observed? Basically, the 5 has a Geyger S stylus while the 6 is a Super Fine Line, so I'm wondering the advantages/disadvantages of each. I'm also considering the Miyajima Kansui, but am a bit concerned about the low .23mv output requiring a SUT.
I would like to choose between these two cartridges as well an look forward to your responses. Thank you for the post!
I had a Kleos an now a JSD6. Dr. Feickert told me to choose the JSD6 and not the 5 and i am so happy with this cartridge. It is darker in the high`s but plays every vinyl without beeing intrusive. The stage is not so wide as with the Lyra but the EMT for me is a much better allrounder. Until today i had no single vinyl which was a problem for the JSD. No problems with loud female sibilants, which brought the sweat to my brow with the Kleos.

On 5-10% of my vinyls the Kleos was better than the EMT, but i want to hear all of them.
Acoustic Sounds lists only the Tsd-15, and TWO choices of JSD-6. One is Gold, and runs about $1K more. They do NOT list the JSD-5 at all.
I used a JSD5 for several years, and Ninetynine's description of the JSD6 pretty much is what I heard through the JSD5, but I have not compared the two. Not the most resolving cartridge, maybe on the warm side of neutral, but among the best for playing music. My view is that a lot of cartridges these days tend to sound closer to (very good) digital in many respects, but the EMT cartridge sounds like analog at its best. I still own it, in reserve for my Air Tight that replaced it.

I would have to imagine that somewhere on the internet there is something that would explain the theoretical differences between the two types of styli.
Yes absolute correct!
2 Weeks ago i tested a VdH on the tonearm where the EMT runs. (Reed 3P) It is a little bit more on the bright side but it sounds rough and grainy compared to the EMT. I think this has to do with the sharp diamond.

EMT tells me, if you have more new vinyl`s go for the JSD5. If you have more older, the JSD6.
Mountainpics, where are you located? There are several US dealers who have the higher end EMT's. I really enjoy the Tsd-15, especially with the A23 Homage SUT. Depending on your tonearm, perhaps certain models may be better than others. I would shoot Tone imports an email. I think JH is the importer pretty much everywhere, and he knows these cartridges well. Ninetynine-Very nice tonearm, I should be hearing one of the Reed arms this weekend. Which turntable do you have your Reed on. Is your JSD-6 the GOLD or Silver body? Cheers -Don
The styli difference. The so called Gyger kinds (GygerI,II and S) are the same as the so called Van den Hul styli. The case is that Van den Hul designed all Gyger styli.
Reto Andreoli (Magic Diamond) is the only one, as far as I know, who criticized this kind of styli. The new 'fine line' by EMT is their own design based on the different material for 'cutting' the grooves and actual records material. The study of the later caused Andreoli's remarks. I myself prefer the later TSD 15 'Gold' with fine line above the 'old' TSD with Gyger II as well the LZi which is the low output of the TSD 15 model.
Hi Fjn04,

i have a Dr. Feickert Blackbird with the silver JSD-6.
Maybe i make some pictures tonight.
By the way, EMT also has a small and (at least at the time) relatively inexpensive SUT made specifically for the JDS cartridges. When I had a Lamm LP 2 Deluxe this step-up was a slight but noticeable improvement over the Lamm's built-in step up transformer for its MC stage (my current phono stage is only set up for MC, so I sold the SUT). If you get the cartridge I'd suggest considering the SUT, depending on your phono stage. It was that good.
Nandric, do you know where the Gyger and Super Fineline cantiliver-diamond is manufactured?
Here some pictures of the EMT




Blackbird with EMT
Ninetynine, The old Fritz Gyger established Gyger company
in Bern , Switzerland. Styli production was a small part
of the company with questioanable profits. But he asked Van
den Hul to design a modern stylus for his company. Van den
Hul designed first the Gyger I with the vertical radius of
85 microns and the horizontal radius of only 2 microns. This
stylus was very difficult to produce so Van den Hul designed
Gyger II with 40 microns vertical and 7 microns horizontal.
This stylus was also difficult to produce so the 3th version
was the 'S' stylus. I am not sure if Gyger is still in business.
My friend Axel Schurholz (re-tip service) is not
able to order any from Gyger. In his stock he still has some
but those are bought long ago. EMT is obviously also out of
their stock so there are no new EMT carts with Gyger styli
available. Lukatschek from Benz also changed his styli and
use instead of Gyger 'S' the micro ridge (from Japan).
I have no idea who produces the fine line for the EMT.