emt 950, technics sp10 - direct drive sound

I write this e-mail on the back of albert proters posts on his technics sp 10 mark 3.

What does an emt 950 sound like - I am fixing one up right now - how does it compare with the technics?

Stefano Pasini (bless him) can find no faults at all - there again he does not say much else other than about the history f the deck.

Also what do the other good DD's sound like?

It would be useful to get feedback of people that have owned new and old decks.

Also if anyone with emt's are interested I'd like to start a thread relating to those decks - the restoration etc - becasue whilst there are sources about the emt - there are no guides on how to restore them - trust me I have searched and everyone says go to Hans Fabritius or Studiotechnik - which defeats the purpose of self-restoration


Hi guys 

I have a catch 22.

my options are:

a. Get a brand new tsd SFL with headshell

b. Get. Rebuilt tsd 15sfl

c. Get groove tickler to rebuild a horrible old one with any stylus/cantilever - will need adjustable headshell

What you think?

Send it to Anamighty for rebuild


New - have you considered being the standard TSD SPH ( spherical ). Many devotees of the EMT sound prefer the spherical version.

Benjamin thinks the SPH is better for pre '84 recordings. I have a lot of post '84 music (I was in the DJ vinyl revival) although I do buy a lot of second hand simply coz you get pre-digital mastering.

I was hoping someone with experience of the carts would pipe up. The problem with EMT owners and users they appear to operate in a bit of a parallel universe. We know they are out there - we know they exist - but they don't seem to post much and when they do it appears to be based or comes from a perspective that nothing else out there exists nor can compare without giving any objective or comparative description. I'm open minded enough to accept there are many ways to float our boats - it's why i have an unhealthy habit of accumulating turntables.



I have actually heard quite a few EMT's - both vintage and new.

The best by far was a Van den hul modified EMT - transparent, punchy, fantastic on large scale orchestra. Very dynamic. Thats why I suggested Anamighty.

The TSD SPH is quite musical - personally as standard to me it sounds more nuanced than a Denon 103 ( and 103 modded )

However, apart from the VDH modded version these cartridges are a vintage sound - can be course - and not high resolution. The finer stylus exacerbate the shortcomings which is why I would consider the SPH. I would not spend the money on the JSD range for example - too course sounding - most of the folk I know who bought them sold them off shortly thereafter - poor value for money.

If you really want post 80's DJ revival you would be better off with a Decca.

Best combo I've heard for that music was a Garrard 401/Dynavector 505/Decca London - slam and speed.

There are a couple "new" TSD cartridges with more radical styli instead of the SFL.  You also have a higher option with the Novel.  I have an 80th Anniversary with a sapphire cantilever and a MR HP which I believe stands for micro-ridge high polish tip.