emt 950, technics sp10 - direct drive sound

I write this e-mail on the back of albert proters posts on his technics sp 10 mark 3.

What does an emt 950 sound like - I am fixing one up right now - how does it compare with the technics?

Stefano Pasini (bless him) can find no faults at all - there again he does not say much else other than about the history f the deck.

Also what do the other good DD's sound like?

It would be useful to get feedback of people that have owned new and old decks.

Also if anyone with emt's are interested I'd like to start a thread relating to those decks - the restoration etc - becasue whilst there are sources about the emt - there are no guides on how to restore them - trust me I have searched and everyone says go to Hans Fabritius or Studiotechnik - which defeats the purpose of self-restoration

Well - this is my Taj Mahal - and it's a bit like the black one that was not built.

Simply put - I got an emt 929 arm, and then I got the iron plinth stripped.

GEtting the plinth stripped is a BAD BAD BAD move. what happened was becasue it is cast iron - as soon as it is was stripped the surface - by reason of being in a slightly moist atmosphere at the strippers - oxidised on the surface.

I have located an iron worker specialist - and they reckon they'll be able to strip and put on an undercoat - the problem with this is that they are on leave until August!

I am currently in the process of a house move - so it's all a bit tedious.

My wife, in her infinite wisdom chucked away some of my dismantling notes - I must say they were like hyrogliphics - but I am a bit annoyed, because i may well have to make a call to hans fabritius while i carry out the works.

So all is not well.

But I am very hopeful, becasue hans fabritius did sort out the electrics - so onwards and upwards.

In addition to this I am gonna have sufficient house space soon!
Well - I said I will do an update!
After getting the paint stripped off, it formed a fine layer of rust. I have just applied some liberon rust remover, and with some elbow grease - dremel and a wire brush - it is now showing the steely bare metal.

@lohanimal Excellent, the pursuit of new experiences has prevailed, it will be good to receive your report following the assessments undertaken of it in use.

In the time between the initial post and the new reveal, have you acquired any other TT/TT's to evaluate the refurbed EMT 950 against.  


I've been exceptionally naughty:

Townshend Elite Rock (now heavily modified

JVC QL10 (2 in fact because one got trashed by USELESS PARCEL SERVICES)

Sony TTS 8000

Beeogram 4002

Thing is the EMT restoration creates a tweak free toy. You can fiddle with all the others - let's face it us nerds are inveterate tinkerers who love to play with our toys