EMT 948 Can you help with adjusting loading?

Please help me with how, if possible, to adjust loading on a EMT 948 table. Is the gain also adjustable? If you have experience with this table's electronics please share it with me.

Thank you.
As far as I know your only options are MM or MC.
The plug in board on the far right no.7950 038 with the 2 transformers soldered in is for MC,when removed, for MM.As for their values I'm not sure.

I believe that there aren't any other choices. So, I'm having a cable made to bypass the built in board and go directly to a phonostage.

Thanks for your help.
Let me know how that turns out,I'm sure you will get better results concerning the flexibility you're seeking and more in accordance with the quality of the rest of your system.
I was already in the process of completion of upgrading my analog rig when about a month ago the opportunity arose to purchase a 948 in pretty decent condition and I just couldn't resist the urge after seeing EMT's bulid quality.Too bad more things in modern audiio aren't built that way,especially when you consider what they cost nowadays.
My tendency at the moment is to keep things as original as possible by getting a new EMT TSD15 cartridge and keep the phono stage as is in the 948 and keep looking around for another quality phono stage for my other rig.
Good Luck!
Good luck with the new table. I haven't heard it with the EMT cartridge. I believe it has a much higher output than what I'm using. In order to use the Dynavector cartridge I got the adjustable oversize headshell from Louis. If the hiss is from overloading the phono stage, it should disappear when I use an outboard phono stage.

Good luck.