EMT 297 or 309 new produktion vs. Shindo Meursault


Did anybody compare these Tonearms ?

I want to use one of them whith a Nouvell Platine Verdier and a SPU
May i get back to this question?
Is there really no one who could hear them side by side?
For some months i have a Meursault with Shindo SPU and it would nice to get some informations on the tonearm differences.
I have the EMT myself and can give only 2nd hand information regards the comparison, of a friend who has the Mersault and has listened to both. As far as I remember, he said that the EMT has a bit more drama and is a little more involving. In the end I think you can't go wrong with both of them, depending on you personal taste.
Hans Michael Fabritius builds those 997s himself in the Black Forrest(Well I think Kippenheim is in the Black Forrest). When I ordered mine he wanted to know things like the required length of the arm pillar,thickness of the mounting plate,length and termination of wires and some things I couldn't answer.

It was wonderful,must have been what it felt like ordering a Bugatti in the 1930s.

He built mine around the time his wife was dying and still it took him only 10 days. One could sense his suffering in every e mail. That makes my 997 very special to me.

Sorry I do not know about the Ortofon crib vs the 997.