Empirical Design vs. BPT cables?

Has anyone had the chance to compare Empirical Design interconnects and speaker cable vs. the same from Balanced Power Tech.?

Sadly, I cannot specifically answer your question but I hope this helps. I ran the Empirical Design speaker cables against the Audience Au24 and the ED was significantly better in my system. Smoother, warmer but with greater detail. I ran the ED interconnects against the Au-24, Ridge Street Poema3 and Wireworld Polaris and again the ED was superior and in the same ways. Finally, I ran the ED power cords against the Audience powercords. A very slight preference for the ED.

All in all the Empirical Design stuff is well engineered, well constructed and sounds fabulous. These are the undersung cables of the industry IMHO. Karl is a great guy who is no BS and knows his stuff. He will do custom lengths and a variety of terminations.

Sorry I have no experience with the BPT stuff so I cannot say how these might compare.

As always, cables are very system dependent and so your best bet is to try a bunch and see what really works best for you, in your system, rather than listen to me or anyone else.