Empirical Audio Off-Ramp V4 Ultraclock + Monolith

The Off-ramp employs the M2Tech asynchronous driver. I use JRMC to ouput bit transparent audio in WASAPI. I compared the AES with S/PDIF and discovered that the S/PDIF sounded a little better. The Off-Ramp V4 with Ultraclock is not a subtle upgrade in my system. The soundstage is wider and deaper. I no longer hear the high frequency harshness I heard with the Lynx or the Wavelink. The sound is relaxed, natural and analogue. It is also fun to turn on the Monolith battery PSU while listening to music to hear the difference that it makes. I have been using a Lynx AES 16 and have tried the Wavelink in same system. The upgrade in resolution is so great, it's unnecessary to compare with the Lynx like I did between the Lynx and Wavelink.
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IME, reducing jitter is a key ingredient in getting a relaxed sound from digital sources. I use an Empirical Audio Pace Car reclocker in my system, and it reduced high frequency harshness in the way you mentioned. It also resulted in other improvements, like better perceived resolution and imaging focus. Glad you are enjoying the Off Ramp. Happy listening!

How did you get V4 of the Off Ramp? I only see V3 on Empirical's web site.
The EA website is late getting updated due to photo problems. If you email us, we can get you a quote. The backlog is growing....

Steve N.
Empirical Audio
He hasn't updated his website. You can email Steve Nugent:


I liked it so much I went ahead and ordered an overdrive DAC to be driven by the Off-Ramp V4 via I2S.