Empirical Audio cables?

Hi everyone,

I just put my old pair of Empirical Audio Holphonic ICs into my system after months of tweaks to things like my rack, footers, speaker position, room acoustics. Wow! They retrieve a tremendous amount of detail that I had missed when I tried them in the past. I guess my system wasn't good enough to benefit from their sound before now.

So, I went to Empirical Audio's website, and I don't see any cables. Have they stopped making cables? It appears that there are only 5 or 6 products available, all computer audio hardware.

Steve no longer makes cables.
What a shame - they are amazing interconnects. I guess I'm lucky to have gotten a pair.
Because Steve is so entrenched in digit playback he'll sell you a digital cable but as per a prior post interconnects and speaker cables have gone the way of the Dodo....