Has anyone tried the Empirical line of interconnects and speaker cable? I just saw them at the CES show, they have a totally different way of doing things.
While i've never tried any of his cables, Steve is a smart guy and actually DOES understand the technical attributes of various cable designs and materials used. He also has the proper test equipment to measure cables, which probably can't be said about too many different cable "manufacturers". I think that he offers a trial period, so there really is nothing to lose if someone were interested in the various cables that he makes. Sean

Just received his Holophonic-PC single ended ic's. I am letting them break in for a 3 days before giving them a serious listening. I will directly compare them to AZ Silver Reference Mk II and Coincident CST. Let you know in a few days.

George,how are those Holophonic ic's doing in your system?
I have a pair of his Holophonic Silver PC Rcas on my Don Scott modified Accuphase T-100 and Silver PC XLRs that he kindly modified to go from my Marantz SA14 SACD player (pin 3 hot) to my Pass X-1 preamp (pin 2 hot.) Since my Sound Lab backplanes are being updated, I have to use a pair of dynamic speakers that are on loan from the den HT system so this has to be a preliminary opinion. But, they sound a quantum leap more transparent than the cables I was using before including Cardas GR and NR, AZ, Transparent, Audioquest, Alpha-Core. Also, their front to back depth is palpable. No artifacts that I can identify. The improvement is not subtle. More when I get the backplanes back....
Do a search. Lots of info on Empirical.
Your should also consider Pure Note and Ridge Street.