Empire head shell

I recently purchased an Empire 208/298 turntable (with the tone arm) and have a spare head shell for it. The headshell in the turntable has the (stock?) Empire 108 cartridge in it, which I am currently using. I'd like to put something in the spare to try out; however, the leads where the clips are soldered to attach to the back of the cartridge are clipped, and would be too short to do anything with. Can these leads, and/or the whole piece that goes through the back of the headshell be replaced, and is it cost-effective? Where or how would I do this? Thank you.
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You can replace the leads themselves quite easily but you will have to de-solder the old ones and solder in the new ones. The insert cannot be replaced as replacements are not available.

Does the black insert holding the brass clips come out of the headshell, or do the leads have to be soldered with it in the shell? The four brass pins feel like they're spring-loaded into the black plastic piece.
I do not recall if the insert is removable but I would not remove it anyway in order to maintain the precise alignment of the pins where they meet the contacts on the arm shaft.

The unsoldering/soldering can be done with the insert in place. (I have done that but many years ago.) One should use a small tip iron and tread lightly as these are tiny objects without much heat transfer abilities. Anyone who has ever resoldered on of the cartridge clips to a lead can do it.

I had Empires about 40 years ago, I think it comes out as I believe I still have an insert somewhere, but it was a long time ago. Soldering the leads is a real pain if I remember correctly.