Empire cables/cartridge

I am looking for a tone arm cable and a cartridge holder for an empire 598 with 990 tone arm.
Any idea where I might find such things?
Seriously doubt if you ever will.
I have an earlier model Empire table/arm. There is, or was last year,
both a cartridge holder and a tonearm connector, available via the
aftermarket. The connector was terminated with RCA jacks and an
integral ground wire. I found them both on Ebay.

Trouble is, the cart holder didn't work properly because its dimensions
weren't quite right. And I gave up on the connector because (1) it kept
falling out of the tonearm and (2) the RCA jacks were so close together
that only the thinnest RCA plugs would work. So I went back to the
original tonearm cable despite the fact that it isn't quite long enough to
reach my phonostage comfortably.

If you do find these items, be wary and be sure they're returnable.
Unfortunately I don't have records of whom I bought them from.

EDIT: Go to Ebay and search on "Empire tonearm." There's a cartridge
holder listed. Don't now if it's the one I bought.